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The durability of platinum is superior to all other precious metals. It has superior resistance to cracking or chipping and is an excellent choice for prongs or heads containing your valuable stones. It requires far less service and repair than it gold counterparts.

Our Recommendation

Platinum is the premier choice for diamond settings. Its cool luster and strength are perfect for holding your precious stones. The luster of platinum does not cast any additional colors onto your carefully selected diamonds and its great strength holds the gem securely.

At Karat, we select only the purest and finest platinum for our luxurious jewelry. Its unmistakable luster and white sheen make it the perfect complement to our beautiful diamonds and precious gems.

For enduring beauty and luxury, platinum is always the perfect choice.

The strength and durability is so superior that we at Karat set all of our loose diamonds in platinum heads or prongs.

Even the strongest of the precious metals can be scratched and over time these fine scratches give platinum its patina that so many people enjoy. If you prefer, a jeweler can polish your platinum and it will look like new again, renewing its original luster.

For guaranteed purity in platinum we recommend that you look for the marks 950 Plat or Plat. Our platinum jewelry is composed of 95 percent pure platinum combined with 5 percent iridium, palladium, ruthenium or other alloys.

Caring for your platinum

Harsh chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning fluids can destroy your valuables. To clean your platinum jewelry, use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap and wash gold gently as you would your own skin. When storing your platinum pieces place them separately in soft cloth bags or jewelry boxes to protect them.

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