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Gemstone Colors

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Color quality is the single most important factor to consider in a beautiful gemstone. When choosing a precious colored gemstone, be sure to examine its hue, tone, and saturation.

Gem Hue

The presence of a single true color gemstone without the presence or tinges if other any other color is the trademark of the most valuable gemstones. Those that exhibit a pure color and only "slight" hues of other colors in addition to their true primary color are more available. It is common for sapphires to range in hue from "slightly purplish-blue" to "slightly greenish-blue," pink sapphires always range from "pink" to "slightly purplish-pink," and rubies range from "slightly orange-red" to "slightly purplish-red".

Gem Tone

Gemstone tone is the depth of color ranging from colorless to black, commonly referred to as "light", "medium-light", "medium", "medium-dark", and "dark." Gemstones with the most desirable tones fall within the medium-light to medium-dark rating.

Gem Color Saturation

The degree to which the gem is free from brown or gray hues is known as saturation. The most precious and valuable gemstones are those that that have little gray or brown, and are referred to as “vivid" or "strong" color saturation. At Karat, the gemstones in our jewelry are hand-selected for their vivid colors.

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