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Engagement Ring Styles

The old cliché is true… this is a decision for the rest of your life and she is going to wear this ring for the rest of hers, so you want to be certain she loves it. Even if you choose to surprise her with the ring at proposal or perhaps you want her to be a partner in the process, please review these factors below:

Should we Choose 18k Gold or Platinum

Each has its merits and you should consider the primary differences between 18k gold and platinum:

Metal type advantage cost need for repairs
Enduring, strong, and lasts a lifetime

Composed of 95% platinum and 5% other pure alloys
Long lasting

Platinum is the purest and strongest metal. It will last for generations.
Premium price

Platinum jewelry is composed of 90-95% pure platinum.
Less often/more difficult
Strongest of the jewelry metals
Resistant to breakage
Won't wear away
Develops a satin patina
Difficult to repair
18k Gold
A classic metal with high gold purity

Composed of 75% gold and 25% pure alloys

18k gold is the most popular metal for engagement ring settings.
More affordable

18k gold is only 75% gold and 25% less expensive metal alloys to give it strength.
More common/easy.
More  malleable metal
More easily broken
Will scratch and dent over years
Easier to polish, repair

For quality and security all diamond engagement rings at Karat are mounted with platinum prongs.

Which Style of Setting?

There are three primary styles in the marketplace today.

Traditional Solitaire Settings

By far today the most popular engagement ring setting is the prong set. These prongs display the solitaire diamond to receive the most light. A four-prong setting exposes more facets of the diamond, while a six-prong solitaire setting offers an advantage of having more prongs to secure the stone. View our solitaire settings.

Settings with accent stones

Additional sparkle or color can be achieved with adding diamonds or gemstones. The flush mounting of channel settings protect accent stones from abrasions. The prong or bar setting of accent stones allows more light to enter. Please see our setting with side-stones.

Classic Three-Stone Mountings

The three-stone ring has one diamond for the past, one for the present, and one for the future and is commonly given as an anniversary ring or to replace a smaller wedding set. It is a classic ring that’s truly unique and chosen especially by you as you choose all three diamonds to be set in her three-stone ring. Please see our steps to customize a three-stone ring.

Surprise Factor… How do you choose a ring she'll love without her?

If you observe her tastes and lifestyle, discreetly ask specific questions of her friends and relatives these will guide you to the correct choice.

What color is the metal of the jewelry your partner wears?

Has she mentioned a preference for a particular type or style of ring to her friends or mother?

Is she accustomed to wearing jewelry? Is she very active? You may want to choose a more secure setting, which will protect a diamond from her active lifestyle.

Engagements are traditionally not unexpected and it is common to discuss ring choices with your partner. The only certain way to guarantee finding a ring that will match her taste and style is to shop for a ring together or some variation in which she has given clues for you to follow. Whether you're selecting together or not, we recommend that you start by finding her ring size.

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