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Diamond Color

Key Factors to Note

  • Diamond color refers to the absence of any color, grading the whiteness of a diamond.
  • On the industry standard color scales the grade of D is the highest possible, while Z is the lowest and well beyond jewelry applications.
  • At Karat we provide only diamonds with a color grade of J or greater.

The presence of color in a diamond begins as a pale yellow and progresses to a very dark brown to black. This is why a diamond’s color grade is based on its absence of any color; the lesser the presence of color, the higher its color grade. Second only to cut it is widely regarded as the most important grade. Color or its presence is discernable by everyone who will view the diamond. Our eyes tend to detect a diamond’s sparkle first, and color second.

Karat has set as a standard for itself and our customers to provide only the finest diamonds with color grades D-J. These grades of diamonds are colorless or near-colorless, with color that is typically undetectable to the unaided eye in everyday life and conditions.

Diamond Color Range

What Color is the Right Choice?

  • For the absolute purist, look for a very colorless diamond with a grade of D-F for a diamond with no discernible color. Please note these extraordinarily colorless diamonds will carry a premium price.
  • When seeking an excellent value in a diamond with little or no noticeable color to the unaided eye, we recommend that look for a near-colorless grade of G-I and the price should be reflective of this.

We have discussed the effects of color on the look of a diamond; we invite you to learn about clarity.

If you would like to learn even more then please check out our tips and hints section.

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