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Diamond Certification

What is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate is a blueprint or map of your specific diamond. It details the specific characteristics of your diamond describing unique characteristics and grading its cut, clarity, color, carat weight and overall quality. There are several grading labs in the world, however, the two most respected independent grading labs recognized around the world are: GIA and AGS.

GIA Certified Diamonds

Considered the hallmark of integrity throughout the diamond world, Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the number one independent laboratory for diamond grading. To ensure accuracy, 3-6 gemologists grade each diamond. Usually diamonds 1ct and up receive a full report which includes a description and plot of inclusions in the diamond. Smaller diamonds usually receive a Dossier report which replaces the expensive plotting diagram with an ID number that is laser inscribed around the girdle of the diamond to verify it.

AGS Certified Diamonds

For the highly sought-after round ideal cut diamond, no other independent lab report carries the same respect as the American Gem Society (AGS). Diamonds receiving the "ideal" or “000” rating are considered to have perfect proportions, polish and symmetry.

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