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Caring for your Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are known as "the hardest substance on earth." However, they can indeed be broken or chipped. In fact, not long ago, diamonds were cut by a method known as cleaving, in which they were struck sharply at precise angles. If cleaving can cut diamonds, so can dropping. Therefore, take care of your precious jewelry. Avoid contact with hard substances, especially other diamonds. Before strenuous activity or going to sleep, we recommend that you remove your jewelry and place it in a safe location.

Cleaning your investment

During daily activities, your diamond comes into contact with dirt and grime from make-up, hairspray, lotions and all sorts of other materials. Since diamonds are essentially compressed coal, that was compressed oil, before they became diamonds, they are very attracted to oil-based substances that smudge or cover their brilliance.

Your local department or drug-store carries a number of cleaners for your diamond jewelry. The goal is to safely clean your precious diamond and gems without leaving residue or harming the surrounding metals. Traditionally, ammonia-based cleaners work best, but for safety be certain to purchase cleaners specially designed for your type of jewelry.

At Karat, we have taken extra care to design our rings to withstand the pressures of daily life, by balancing beauty and strength, however, no jewelry is totally impervious to damage, so please take the time to have it inspected. It is a good idea to have your jewelry inspected by a professional at least every six months, or if you believe it might have been subjected to possible damage. Most reputable jewelers will gladly inspect your jewelry for free. This simple step can prevent the heartache felt after losing a diamond from a loose or worn setting.

Take care when storing your jewelry

We at Karat highly recommend when not wearing your fine jewelry that you keep it safely stored and separated from direct contact with other jewelry. The most common damage occurs when your diamonds are stored together without any form of separation. It is an unpleasant surprise that one piece of precious jewelry has damaged or become scratched by another while in storage.

Insure Your Valuable Diamond Jewelry

It is a common misconception that your homeowners insurance automatically provides coverage for the entire value of your jewelry. Unfortunately, this is not true. Most standard homeowner policies limit automatic coverage to only $500 and that is for all your jewelry together. However, for a very small additional cost, your insurance agent can add a rider to your policy extending your coverage to include your fine jewelry. Accidents and theft do happen and the peace of mind you will feel is worth the minimal expense of this additional coverage.

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