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Why Choose Karat?

Choose Karat for more choice. With the widest selection of white diamonds, color diamonds, engagements and fine jewelry, Karat gives you more variety and choice. Quality, education, variety and service is why your story begins here.

Highest Standards

All of our certified diamonds have been graded by one of the two most-trusted independent diamond grading labs in the world: GIA or AGS. Each certified diamond comes with a certificate verifying it cut, clarity and color, so your decision is risk-free.

This same extraordinary level of quality extends to our color diamond, platinum, gold and silver jewelry, which use only the finest jeweler-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Education Made Easy

Karat makes diamonds easy. Our comprehensive educational materials were created by a renowned diamond educator who knows how to explain things in language that everyone understands. We believe retail salespeople use language to intimidate, so we set out to eliminate this barrier, giving you power to make the best choice.

The World’s Most Intuitive Technology

Karat has created the world’s most intuitive diamond and jewelry search tools and menus ever created. They give you the power to make the right choice. Our selection process is so visual you might not need to read a word before you have made your selection. We allow you to get close and personal with your unique diamond in a way no other company offers.

Our tools allow you to compare the value of several choices side by side to ease the decision process.

Unmatched Service

Our highly-trained staff will respond to your every need, today and tomorrow, so your event goes flawlessly. We want your business and value your referrals. All we ask is that when we surpass your expectations that you refer your friends.

Listen to Our Customers

"I tried my local jeweler and even other online jewelers, but it wasn’t until I found that I made my purchase. It was so easy to see great choices. I could just point and click and it lead me to more choices. My eyes really did most of the work. Then when I got down to my final choices, the information available to compare was unbelievable. And the prices – I saved at least half of what I would have spent at my local jeweler. I know I made the right choice. Thank Karat!" ~Daniel, Des Moines, IA November 2010

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